About Robert


Meet Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson is a strategist, marketeer, author, educator and consultant.  He’s the founder and principal consultant of Bennett Frank Associates, a consultancy dedicated to helping technology companies target the right products at the right customers to accelerate growth and increase profits.  Robert has helped several tech companies target the right customers and grow faster.

Robert has spent the majority of his career in the IT services industry as Director of Product Marketing, Director of Industry Marketing and Director of Marketing working for companies such as Atrion, CGI, Deloitte Consulting/DRT Systems and Digital Equipment Corporation.

A business strategist and marketing executive, Robert has successfully led many product launches and go-to-market campaigns and that have achieved rapid sales growth. For example, at Atrion his market insights and go-to-market efforts led to the establishment of a new IT staffing division. As a result, Atrion experienced multi-million dollar revenue growth and as by-product, the company enjoyed accelerated sales of the company’s managed services business.

Robert is the author of several published articles on marketing, technology and talent development.  He is a faculty member at the University of Rhode Island, College of Business Administration where he teaches marketing and strategy. Robert received an MBA from Babson College.