It’s easy to lose sight of your customers’ priorities.  Just addressing day-to-day operations consumes so much of your team’s time.  With customer demands changing faster than ever, you may be guessing what they want and which customers are best to pursue to grow your business.

It’s time to stop guessing.  You must review your targets and their needs.  Then sell the right products to the right ones. They’ll buy more and become advocates of your business.

We help you sell the right products to the right set of customers who’ll buy more and make referrals.

We’ll help you review your target customers and their needs. We’ll compare what you’re selling with their needs.  If gaps are uncovered, we work with you to address them.  For example, you’re chasing bigger companies but your products are a better fit for mid-sized ones.

We’ll work with you to execute marketing campaigns to boost demand and grow revenues profitably.

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What our clients are saying….

“Robert Johnson is the best sounding board I’ve ever worked with. He challenges us to see things from the client’s perspective, continually improving our approach to the market.”

David G. Ramsden

CEO – LearnWell


What our clients are saying….

““Robert worked with us to create a win-win engagement which brought us an innovative and effective approach to grow our business. And he was proactive which ensured the process went well and both Abraic, Inc. and Bennett Frank Associates were happy with the outcome””

Mikhail Papovsky, President


What our clients are saying….

““Robert knows how to facilitate strategic alignment by linking academic theory to reality through a mix of practical experience and thoughtful analysis, he can help you too!””

Ron Sacks, CEO



Robert F. Johnson - Principal