It’s easy to lose sight of your customers’ priorities.  Just addressing day-to-day operations consumes so much of your team’s time.  You may get some insights about your customers from your sales team or other customer-facing employees but it’s probably anecdotal and not easily actionable.

Indeed, customer demands are changing faster than ever. This likely leaves you guessing which customers are best to pursue; what they want; how to deliver compelling value and retaining as well as growing your business with them. With a growing number of competitors, you must continually ask yourself “how are we different and better than them”?

Can you afford to continue doing what you’ve always done; promoting and selling products that your customers may no longer want or need?  Probably not.

It’s time to take action, specifically to scrutinize your target customers’ needs.  Then compare those needs with your products and value proposition to ensure there’s a good fit.  If gaps are uncovered, actions for marketing, sales or products must be taken.   And this isn’t a “set it and forget it” effort.  This is where Bennett Frank Associates comes in.

Bennett Frank Associates helps businesses sell the right products to the right set of customers who’ll gain lots of value and become loyal advocates.   

We start by analyzing your target customers and markets to confirm their needs.  This usually includes interviewing a some of them all of which provides a clear picture of their needs.

Next we compare your products with customer needs. This includes reviewing the positioning, pricing and overall value proposition of your products.  Any uncovered gaps can then be addressed.  For example, you may have the right products but your messaging could be more compelling.  Or you may be pursuing the wrong customers which results in lower win rates. 

We recommend actions such as pursuing a different set of target customers or strengthening your product value propositions.  We work with your team to implement identified actions.  And we can work with your team to execute marketing campaigns to boost demand and grow revenues profitably.  

We help you to get closer to customers and take action to bring greater value to them.  This results in more customers and more business with each.   

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What our clients are saying....

“Robert Johnson is the best sounding board I’ve ever worked with. He challenges us to see things from the client’s perspective, continually improving our approach to the market.”

David G. Ramsden
Senior Vice President of Operations

What our clients are saying...

“Robert worked with us to create a win-win engagement which brought us an innovative and effective approach to grow our business.  And he was proactive which ensured the process went well and both Abraic, Inc. and Bennett Frank Associates were happy with the outcome”

Mikhail Papovsky, President


Robert F. Johnson – Principal