Customer demands are changing faster than ever before. This leaves most companies guessing which customers are best to pursue, what they want, and how to bring lots of value to keep from losing them. Many continue what they’ve always done - promoting and selling products that their customers may no longer want or need. 

What’s needed is to scrutinize current and future customers’ needs against current products to ensure there’s a good fit and the value of using a company’s products is clear. This is the first step to being a more customer vs. product centric business

Bennett Frank Associates helps businesses in New England match their customers’ needs with the right products and services.   

We enable you to get closer to customers today and chart a path to bring greater value, which leads to greater near term sales per customer.  Moreover, we help you uncover what they want tomorrow, which increases loyalty and helps you grow faster than the competition.


What our clients are saying....

“Robert Johnson is the best sounding board I’ve ever worked with. He challenges us to see things from the client’s perspective, continually improving our approach to the market.”

David G. Ramsden
Senior Vice President of Operations

What our clients are saying...

“Robert worked with us to create a win-win engagement which brought us an innovative and effective approach to grow our business.  And he was proactive which ensured the process went well and both Abraic, Inc. and Bennett Frank Associates were happy with the outcome”

Mikhail Papovsky, President


Robert F. Johnson – Principal