Testimonials 4

“Robert has been a terrific support and guide for our company. We have been validating an idea for a new product, and Robert led the way for us. Throughout the process of crafting our story, interviewing relevant stakeholders, and analyzing the data, Robert had a knack for broadening our perspective. The money we spent was well worth the valuable conclusions we reached with his support.”

Michael Delman, CEO

“Robert worked with our team to analyze our market and offerings, ultimately leading to a strong go-to-market plan to accelerate our growth. His experience and application of strategic frameworks as part of the process helped a lot in understanding the areas for us to focus on. In his facilitated workshops, he is great to work with; leading where necessary and allowing the conversation to flow in other instances.”

Praveen Ramanathan, CEO

“It has been a pleasure working with Robert. His knowledge and professionalism are unmatched. He has given us great insights into product marketing and positioning. Robert helps us layout a plan of execution in order to successfully bringing the product to market. He also pinpoints areas (which we have overlooked) that are important to the execution. Glad to have his advice.”

Suriyont Mujjalintrakool, CEO

“During our consulting engagement with Bennett Frank, Robert worked to help create a more focused sales and marketing strategy.  Working collaboratively with CompuClaim’s VP of Sales and Marketing he evolved the existing strategic plan and internal processes to a new level on focus and accountability.”

Peter Carson, President

“Robert Johnson is the best sounding board I’ve ever worked with. He challenges us to see things from the client’s perspective, continually improving our approach to the market.”

David G. Ramsden, CEO

“Robert worked with us to create a win-win engagement which brought us an innovative and effective approach to grow our business. And he was proactive which ensured the process went well and both Abraic, Inc. and Bennett Frank Associates were happy with the outcome”

Mikhail Papovsky, President

“Robert knows how to facilitate strategic alignment by linking academic theory to reality through a mix of practical experience and thoughtful analysis, he can help you too!”

Ron Sacks, CEO